The Correspondence of Leo, Metropolitan of Synada and Syncellus

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CiNii 図書 - Corpus fontium historiae Byzantinae

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  8. Includes bibliographical references and index. Martha Vinson Rhetoric and writing strategies in the ninth century 9 -- 2. Charlotte Roueche The rhetoric of Kekaumenos 23 -- 3. Constantinides Teachers and students of rhetoric in the late Byzantine period 39 -- 4. Dimiter G. Angelov Byzantine imperial panegyric as advice literature c. Wolfram Horandner Court poetry: questions of motifs, structure and function 75 -- 6. Michael Jeffreys 'Rhetorical' texts 87 -- 7. Mary Cunningham Dramatic device or didactic tool? Other title: Correspondence. Publisher: Washington D.

    Description: Xix, p.

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    • Leo Metropolitan of Synada.
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    Series: Corpus fontium historiae Byzantinae. Title on added t. Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references p. Dewey: Washington D. APA: Leo, L.